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Training & Testing Exchange

Transfer of your FÁS/SOLAS CSCS Plant Operator’s card for a Blue CPCS Plant Operator card.

The CPCS requirements for FÁS/SOLAS CSCS plant cardholders to gain a Blue CPCS (UK) plant operator card are as follows:


  • Applicants must hold a valid FÁS/SOLAS CSCS plant registration card.
  • Applicants must have NEVER held the skills they wish to transfer on a UK CPCS card prior at any stage, if so please contact us regarding a CPCS renewal.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the Construction Skills Health, Safety and Environment test within the last two years
  • Applicants must complete the CPCS Skills and Experience Interview for each category
  • Applicants must complete the CPCS Theory Test for each category


Applicants must complete the CPCS F1/4 application form (Form completed at the training centre after changeover procedure is successfully completed and all requirements have been met)

Prices: €50.00 per interview & €50.00 per theory please note applicants must complete an Interview and Theory for each category of plant they wish to transfer.